viernes, octubre 20, 2006

Los Rayos Gamma

Last night, I went to the 'Rayos Gamma' presentation at the "Centro de Bellas Artes" de San Juan. This weekend they are celebrating the 35th anniversary of their show. For those of you who don't know, the Rayos Gamma are 4 well known Puerto Rican actors who make fun of current political figures. They are also known as the kings of satire. The 4 actors are: Silverio Pérez, Sunshine Logroño, Jacobo Morales, and Horacio Olivo. The show started with another actor poking fun at the Rayos Gamma since they "are always making fun of others, but no one makes fun of them". He said that we better enjoy the show since one of them "may not make it to next year". The actor finished making fun at the Rayos Gamma and closed with a funny joke: "An old man and a lady walk into a psychiatrist office. The old man asks the psychiatrist how much is each consultation to which the Dr replies $50. The old man then said that that was great and asked whether he would be willing to watch him and the lady have sex. The psychiatrist agreed, the couple had sex in front of the Dr and then they left. After 5 weeks of the same routine, the psychiatrist says to the couple that their sex life seems fine and asks the old man what it is that they are looking from him. The old man said 'You see, I'm a married man and she is a married woman. If we go to a hotel it would be $150. If we go to a motel it would be $80. Here, you charge us $50 and we get $43 back from Medicare'. Once the show started, they recalled how 35 years ago tickets for their show only cost $2.50 per person. Then, they went on to say how now most people can get in for free! (several years ago, the government passed a law to allow people 70 yeard old or more to have free admission to events held at government locales such as the new 'Coliseo de Puerto Rico' and of course, 'Centro de Bellas Artes'). Not a lot of people laughed which mostly implies that there were a lot of old people there. We, on the other hand, paid $40 per person plus TicketPop's usual $5 service charge. During the show, the Rayos Gamma held mock elections. By applause, they asked the audience who belonged to what political party. To my surprise, the audience seemed to be equally divided between 'pipiolos' (PIP - those who want independence), 'penepes' (PNP - those who want statehood) and 'populares' (PPD - those who just like the current status). Then, they said that the elections would be Juan Dalmau for the PIP, Luis Fortuño (the current resident commissioner and who was also at the show) for the PNP and Aníbal Acevedo Vilá (our current governor) for the PPD. First, they asked audience how many would vote for the PIP, and even though there seemed to be a lot of 'pipiolos' in the house, almost nobody clapped. Then they asked how many would vote for the PNP, and there were some claps and Aníbal appeared to be the clear winner. This was interesting because this is usually what happens in the elections. The 'pipiolos' know they are going nowhere so they split themselves between the PNP and the PPD. Some inside the PNP acclaim Pedro Rosselló while others totally hate him so the party itself splits and votes for the PPD or somebody else. Overall, I thought the show was good but last year's was funnier. I think they relied too heavily on swearing (which makes a lot of people laugh), but the rest of the material was just ok. According to my wife, I fell asleep for a portion of the show, but I'm not sure that's true. Hopefully, they'll make it better next year if none of them dies.